Asset Recovery

Full-Service Demolition Contractor Asset Recovery is the process of maximizing the value of unused or end of life assets through effective reuse, reclamation, or resale. Salvaging demolition debris for the purpose of resale and reuse is both a prudent environmental and economical alternative to placing the material in your local landfill. When wood, concrete, masonry and metals are diverted from the traditional waste stream and recycled they have value. When materials on the project have value, you the customer possess an ASSET. Your ASSET is worth money. At JDC we specialize in Asset Recovery. If your demolition project involves the demolition and/or the structural decommissioning of natural gas rigs, oil rigs, industrial plants and factories, there is a good chance that Jordan Demolition Company can offer considerable cost savings to decommission and demolish your structure. Please call one of our expert estimators today in order to offset demolition costs with salvage and recycling.

Scrap Metal Found in Demolition Projects
There are many types of items that can be found in a demolition project that can be recovered pre-demolition and converted as an asset: fixtures; machinery; and manufacturing equipment. Prior to entering in to a contract with you, our expert team will evaluate the salvageable Scrap Metal and provide a value based upon the market and the metal involved. Prior to valuation we consider the cost of removing the items from the structure and preparing the scrap metal for resale. We guarantee no surprises and JDC will stand by the valuation of your asset.

The Asset Recovery plan we prepare for you will also consider and value scrap metal that can be salvaged during the demolition process. Structural beams and large metal structures are cut and removed during the demolition process. Our knowledge and experience in the demolition scrap metal arena and Asset Recovery places us at the top of our industry. This why JDC should be the first Demolition Contractor you contact when your project contains steel, aluminum, copper, machinery, and manufacturing equipment.

Scrap Metal in Decommissioning and Dismantling Factories and Vessels
JDC has a substantial history as a dismantling contractor with the ability to dismantle Factories, Oil and Gas Rigs on site, with little to no interruption to your day to day operations. Factories and Oil Rigs are rich in scrap metal. Call JDC today for a complete, competent and guaranteed value of the scrap metal in your obsolete structures and equipment. No job is too big or too small. We guarantee you will receive the maximum value for the scrap metal contained in your next demolition, dismantling and decommissioning project.

We Buy Scrap Metal
We will offer you a fair and completive price for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. If you have out-date-machinery , unused silos, or other metal objects that you no longer use but are too cumbersome to haul away, call JDC and we will take we will gladly purchase these items from you and you will not have to do a thing!


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