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JDC is a full service Residential, Commercial and Industrial Demolition Contractor
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JDC is a full service Residential, Commercial and Industrial Demolition Contractor.

Serving the Industry since 1969, Jordan Demolition Company has established a firm foothold as a multifaceted full service demolition contractor providing service to clients from California to New York. Headquartered in Theodore, Alabama, near Mobile, and with facilities in Montgomery, JDC offers a wide range of services, including demolition, structural dismantling, asset recovery (recycling and material reclamation, scrap metal recycling), site remediation, marine salvage, waste reduction and waste management. Jordan Demolition Company boasts one of the largest debris removal and reduction divisions in the United States. Our experience, equipment, technical knowledge and up-to-date safety training assures that each job is done professionally, on time and follows local and Federal safety regulations.

Our number one priority is you, the client - providing you with highest quality standard of service in the industry. We extend to each client the pledge of fast, reliable service with the guarantee of consistent high quality performance at a fair price. From project planning and scheduling, to worry free on-site performance, JDC provides a turnkey solution for all your demolition, wrecking, salvage and recycling needs. We have a proven safety record and high on-time completion record. For the owner, developer, engineer, architect or general contractor, choosing the right demolition, salvage or recovery contractor is a critical first step toward a successful project.

We are proud to have served as the Demolition Contractor on some of the nation’s largest and highest profile demolition projects. For example we demolished Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, safely removing unique stadium additions that spanned directly above occupied residential dwellings. We decommissioned and demolished the 500,000+ square foot Federal Steel Plant in Torrance, California. In addition to being involved in extremely complex demolition jobs, JDC has also demolished thousands of residential structures.

As residents of the Alabama Gulf Coast, we at Jordan Demolition Company are very aware of the needs of neighbors in time of a natural disaster. We worked our first Hurricane debris removal, site remediation, and site demolition in 1975 in Walton County Florida post Hurricane Eloise. We stand ready today to assist governments, businesses and homeowners in the event such a disaster occurs in the future. Our experience and expertise covers the gamut of demolition: structural dismantling, plant decommissioning, asset recovery, recycling and material reclamation, scrap metal recycling, and debris removal and reduction. To ensure the success of your project, please call a JDC expert between 9 am and 5 pm CST, 251-653-0600.


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