Full-Service Demolition Contractor JDC is a contractor in the specialized trade of the Wrecking and Demolition of Buildings. We service the demolition needs in Residential, Commercial and Industrial settings. We utilize the most innovative demolition methods in the industry. We have the experience, equipment and personnel to meet the most stringent time schedules. Our team of experts consists of specialist in equipment operation, hand wrecking, selective demolition and total demolition and dismantling.

We can demolish a single house, an entire block or the whole housing development. We have learned through years of experience that your relationship with your neighbors is important and our presence as your demolition contractor is a direct reflection on you among your neighbors and community. We pledge to represent you well. We respect this dynamic and always place customer satisfaction first. Therefore we are aware and abide by local noise abatements laws, dust control, and minimize any necessary traffic disruption.

We know that commercial demolition never takes place in a vacuum and rarely occurs in the country far away from civilization. There are neighboring businesses. There is commerce. There are workers and pedestrians for which life must go on despite the commercial demolition. We specialize in tight places. We are trained to operate safely in these high pressure circumstances. Up-to-date training, experience and equipment enable us to remove commercial building with exact precision. We have experience in varying sizes of commercial structures from hotels and hospitals to shopping centers and single tenant office buildings.

Our significant experience in the industrial demolishing field and factory decommissioning places JDC among an elite few. We understand how the process really works. We network and cooperate with the necessary regulatory and governmental agencies in order to assure your project runs smoothly. We have experience demolishing industrial facilities from power plants to paper mills. There is no industrial demolition and industrial decommission job that JDC cannot handle.


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  • Demolition and Wrecking
  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Industrial Demolition
  • Debris Reduction and Removal
  • Site Clearing, Preparation and Excavation
  • Selective Demolition
  • Dismantling Services
  • Asset Recovery
  • Material Reclamation
  • Scrap Metal Sales
  • Concrete Crushing
  • Plant Decommissioning
  • Marine Salvage
  • Emergency Response
  • Gas and Oil Rig Decommissioning
  • Water Tower Dismantling
  • Salvage and Recycling