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Debris Removal While the “meat and potatoes” of what we do at JDC does involve the complete demolition of structures, it is not all we do! We have learned that in order to truly service our loyal customers we are continually expanding the services offered. If you are in need of a service that does not neatly fit in to one of the categories listed on our web site, give us a call. I bet you we can work something out.
Here are a few examples of additional services that we provide.

Debris Removal
We are here to assist business owners, community leaders, and local, state and federal governments, with debris removal in times of natural disaster. Rising waters and high winds can cause the affected community to become an unrecognizable mass of rubble. You can count on JDC to respond quickly in emergency situations. We can quickly reduce and remove the debris and clear the way for other emergency services. We recognize that community safety and sanitation issues are critical in the days following a natural disaster. JDC is the right company when it comes to large scale debris reduction and removal. We will help you rebuild your community.

Concrete and Asphalt Removal
JDC has the equipment and personnel to rejuvenate your property and remove unwanted driveways, parking lots and pads, concrete footings, and swimming pools. When the unwanted concrete or asphalt is removed we can grade your property using the existing soil or haul in additional dirt as needed.

Site Clearing, Preparation and Excavation
Site clearing, site preparation and site excavation is usually done in anticipation of future construction. JDC team members are trained to clear your property of trees, vegetation, overgrowth and existing structures. If the future use of your property requires below grade surfaces, we have experienced excavators on staff. We offer varying degrees of site grading and site drainage options to guarantee your site will be properly prepared for the next phase. We work with the utility companies to ensure the safety of our employees and that our work site does not interfere with your day to day life.

Concrete Crushing
We recycle concrete. Demolition projects frequently produce large amounts of concrete waste. Recycled concrete has many uses. Once the concrete has been removed from its original setting it is transported to a JDC facility. Here it is crushed into various smaller sizes suitable for use on future construction projects, as erosion control or recycled to make new concrete. We sell crushed concrete.

Selective Demolition
If future plans of your commercial or industrial structure require less than a total demolition, you need a Demolition Contractor experienced in selective demolition. Selective demolition requires a company with experience in hand demolition, working with demolition machinery in a precise manner, and working in small spaces, all while observing strict safety measures. We can demolish a portion of an industrial facility, while allowing other portions of the facility to continue to be occupied and operable. JDC pledges to bring that safety and precision to you selective demolition project.


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